Paperless Fax

Today, any team can eliminate sending and receiving paper faxes.

Enterprise-friendly paperless faxing puts an end to slow transmission, difficult distribution, and even many HIPAA and audit prep challenges.

Likewise, gone are the device, paper, and toner expenses that inflate costs while hindering convenience.

– Fax directly out of any application that can print–without producing a single sheet of paper
– ‎”Outsource” scanning from your office to partners and clients
– Gain fully HIPAA-compliant fax management, complete with a granular audit trail
– Automatically route documents to ClaimsCapture or other OCR platforms for automatic data extraction

We partner exclusively with OpenText, makers of the RightFax fax server, to deliver a robust and scalable faxing platform tailored to your workflow and infrastructure needs.

RightFax can be deployed at any point in an OCR implementation, and vice-versa. However, many clients find efficiency in tackling the two together, often as part of a fully virtualized solution that minimizes IT overhead.

To learn more about paperless faxing, or to request a consultation or live demo, please contact us today.