Enterprise OCR

ClaimsCapture is our flagship solution for quick, accurate CMS-1500 data extraction. Its powerful OCR engine completely eliminates hand-keying, and its built-in validation and EDI 837 export tools streamline the entire claims processing workflow.

Oftentimes a client will find that successfully automating one data entry process (e.g., CMS-1500 forms) leads to demand elsewhere in the organization. The reverse is also true. Fortunately, the same underlying ABBYY OCR technology also powers data extraction solutions for functions and industries including:

– Accounts payable
– ‎Accounts receivable
– ‎Mailrooms
– ‎Legal discovery
– ‎Finance and banking
– ‎Public administration
– ‎Transportation/logistics
– ‎Rx capture and other healthcare processes

Consistent OCR technology across functions/departments creates a consistent user experience for everyone. Likewise, data export becomes a breeze with claims/adjudication systems as well as any other LOB applications that you rely on.

If you’re curious to dig deeper into OCR technology, or wish to explore broader use cases for your existing solution, then please feel free to contact our consulting team directly.