Claims Data Capture

ClaimsCapture automates CMS-1500 data entry while setting the standard for speed, accuracy, and ease of use. It is a purebred CMS forms automation tool, built from the ground up to turn claims data entry from pain into greater insight and profit.

Simply put, nothing delivers more accurate results or a more compelling ROI.

Enterprise OCR

At its core, ClaimsCapture is cut from the same cloth as our standard-setting enterprise OCR tools from ABBYY Software. This gives teams and even whole organizations the power to automate data entry and to send previously paper-bound data smoothly between applications. Read on to learn more about the precise, scalable OCR capture/conversion solution that transforms Fortune 100 firms and small businesses alike.

Paperless Faxing

Manual data entry usually goes hand in hand with a deluge of paper faxes. Clients, partners, and suppliers often provide or even require hard-copy documents, which are cumbersome (at best) to handle through traditional fax or multi-function devices. The paperless fax alternative makes document transmission quick and reliable, eliminates paper/printing altogether, and alleviates major compliance concerns.