Press Release: ClaimsCapture Release Includes Artificial Intelligence, EDI 837 & Black-and-White Support

SEATTLE, April 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Claims processing automation specialist Paperless Productivity® has formally released its ClaimsCapture solution for automating data entry from CMS (HCFA/UB) claim forms. Engineered from the ground up by insurance and service bureau software veterans, ClaimsCapture applies state-of-the-art optical character recognition (OCR) technology to bypass the inherent limitations, errors, and costs of manual data entry.

Paperless recently acquired the solution from a long-time partner, under its original name of WiseCLAIM. The rebranding and formal launch of ClaimsCapture follow updates to its most strategic features, including EDI 837 export, enhanced black-and-white form accuracy, multi-page claim compatibility, and duplicate claim detection.

According to Paperless’ Founder and President, Shamel Naguib, “ClaimsCapture is the first and only out-of-the-box option that fully resolves what payers, TPAs, and service bureaus grapple with every day. The name simply describes what our solution does best: capturing all data from all claims, providing our clients with automation and a tremendous amount of business intelligence.

“Looking forward, it goes without saying that accuracy is everything in this space, so it will always be our top priority at every step. We’re excited and confident to say that ClaimsCapture helps clients use and trust data from claim forms in a way nothing else can.”

While data capture accuracy is noticeable from day one, several other features have further secured ClaimsCapture’s long-term place in some of the nation’s most prominent health payers. EDI 837 output, black and white form capture or drop-out conversion, automated data validation with mathematical cross-checking, self-teaching capabilities, and even a built-in artificial intelligence (AI) “knowledge worker” are among the attributes that make ClaimsCapture an industry leader in performance and rapid return on investment alike.

To keep the solution accessible to firms of any size, ClaimsCapture offers high scalability, consumption-based pricing options, and straightforward integration with other enterprise workflow applications. Paperless estimates an implementation timeframe of two to six weeks, and expects an average client to recuperate its investment in approximately three to nine months thereafter.

About Paperless Productivity
With deep roots in workflow consulting and healthcare document and data capture automation, Paperless specializes in eliminating paper documents and automating data entry workflows. Through OCR solutions, Cloud Fax, and RightFax fax server technology, Paperless consultants deliver scalable solutions for clients in healthcare, insurance, consumer finance, high- and low-tech manufacturing, government, and for other consultancy firms.