How It Works

ClaimsCapture is the definitive tool for claims data extraction.

It liberates claims entry workers from inefficient, inaccurate manual processes. Its scalable design accommodates teams of any size. And above all, it eliminates the hand-keying, typos, and second-guessing that cost time and money while making it difficult to keep up with the pace of business.

Under the hood, ClaimsCapture all starts with industry-leading optical character recognition (OCR) technology. This “engine” powers the extraction of valuable data from typed and handwritten forms alike.

  • Process all CMS-1500 / HCFA-1500, CMS-1450 / UB-04, and ADA J430D forms in a single, automatic data extraction workflow
  • Capture both drop-out (red) and B&W forms with industry-leading precision
  • Gain confidence in your data thanks to built-in validation including ICD-10 codes, dictionary look-ups, and more
  • Integrate seamlessly into other workflows via EDI output, secure faxing, and line-of-business software integrations
  • Enjoy the same technology trusted by leading insurers, clearinghouses, and TPAs nationwide

It is, so to speak, a knowledge worker-in-a-box.

Key Features for Claims Automation

To ensure rapid deployment and quick wins for your team, we’ve imbued the OCR engine with decades of industry knowledge. From validation methods to workflow steps to meticulous template design, ClaimsCapture is more than just an application.

Unique in its class, ClaimsCapture brings self-teaching abilities that increase baseline accuracy with every single character it sees. It learns your documents’ distinctive data values and types just as humans do, but with vastly greater speed and accuracy.

Time and again, customers see fast, accurate workflows in just hours or days. Operational savings begin immediately, and many organizations even accrue a positive ROI within weeks of deployment.

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