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ClaimsCapture makes data entry fast, accurate, and automatic for any organization.
Set-up is quick and easy, letting users cut costs and errors from day one!
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Unparalleled Accuracy

Gone are the days of fat-finger errors. Test after test shows that no software—let alone human operator—can match ClaimsCapture’s accuracy on CMS / UB and ADA forms. With proprietary validation algorithms, even black-and-white copies are no problem!

Sophisticated, Redundant Validation Techniques

Messy data is worthless data. That’s why ClaimsCapture runs every single character through a robust stack of business rules, custom dictionaries, database look-ups, and CMS-standard data normalization.

Native EDI 837 Support Available

One simple add-on module enables integration with any claims adjudication system, as well as output to XML, CSV, any ODBC-compliant database, and even SharePoint.

Cutting-Edge Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

ClaimsCapture goes beyond extracting accurate data from paper forms. Its powerful AI features even automate classification and validation tasks that previously took hours of human effort.

Years of Industry Experience Built Right In

ClaimsCapture is the culmination of years of serving payers, service bureaus, and third-party administrators. It puts precise business logic and time-tested OCR technology at the fingertips of any organization looking to maximize time and budgets.

How can ClaimsCapture streamline your key workflows?

Learn how ClaimsCapture helps teams overcome some of the industry’s most common challenges.

Low Data Entry Throughout

As claims workloads grow, it’s not enough to scale linearly by adding more staff.
By taking human processing and decision-making time out of the equation, ClaimsCapture enables hands-off throughput at speeds that even a large staff can’t match.

Inconsistent information

Many organizations devote a lot of resources to finding and fixing errors in claims form data.ClaimsCapture automatically flags ambiguous characters that lead to errors, and even cross-checks things like addresses and ICD-10 codes for accuracy.

High Cost Per Claim

Nothing gives more insight into your team’s performance than cost per claim.As speed and accuracy increase with ClaimsCapture, and labor costs drop, data entry teams show incredible efficiency with a direct, tangible impact on the bottom line.

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